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Our Mission

Who We Are

zerowasteXchange is the project that grew from our vibrant zero waste meetup group in Hamburg, Germany. Our members were looking for a platform through which to communicate internally as well as for a space in which to share personal experiences, recipes, tips and insights gained during the journey toward zero waste. zerowasteXchange is the result. We open up the space for the sharing of information and resources as well as for collaboration on community projects. Welcome to the conversation.

What is zero waste?

Zero waste is both a philosophy and a strategy for living that aims to reduce the human production of garbage to zero. That’s right, zero! Now that is a tall order! Have you ever tried living one day without producing any garbage? In our society it is extremely challenging!

To learn more, visit our article “Journey to Zero Waste”.

Making the Transistion

Transitioning to zero waste requires an arsenal of tools like creativity, determination, guts and a lot of support. Fortunately, there is a growing international network of people looking to make the transition to zero waste more attainable. There is something powerful that happens when a group of people gather together for a common goal, which in this case is to moderate the impact of our consumerism upon the natural world.

Here at zerowasteXchange we understand just how difficult it is to live without producing waste. We know because we have personally tried to do so ourselves. We have at various times struggled, succeeded and outright failed in this endeavour. We have learned a lot and encountered numerous resources along the way. Thanks to our personal experiences we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves that we are happy to share with you!

Sharing is what we are all about. As an exchange we hope to function as a meeting point where people can share their individual experiences and lend their various skills, tips and unique viewpoints to the conversation. We are holding space for a conversation about sustainable living. This is not about judgment or competition. This is about learning and supporting one another in the spirit of community. While we strive to live up to the principles of zero waste as best we can, we allow ourselves room to fail, to make mistakes and to not always get it right. Life is challenging enough without strict rules and perfectionism. If you are looking to explore the zero waste movement in an environment that prioritizes self-love and compassion, you are in the right place! Welcome to zerowasteXchange. We have your back and are happy that you are here.