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How It All Started

Bulk foods at 12 Monkeys in Hamburg, Germany.

I don’t quite remember how it started, actually. There was one day when the ziplock bags and the cling film standing in the drawer simply became offensive to me. I started to re-use and then re-re-use that one ziplock bag and to cover plates of leftovers with upended dishes in the fridge. It began to become more real when the...

Conscious Consumerism & Zero Waste: When organic consumerism comes plastic-wrapped.

In 2011, I committed to buying organic groceries and petrochemical-free personal care products. While I assumed that my consumption of organic goods constituted a clear win for environmental conservation, I had overlooked the reality that conventional and organic products alike are often sold in unsustainable plastic packaging. While I attempted to shop sustainably by focusing on organic goods, I continued...

“Waste Cooking” Workshop with Anna Bischoff at “Das Müll Projekt”

If you want to learn more about your society, have a look at what gets thrown away. In a "throw-away" society such as the hyper-consumerist West, it seems like the majority of folks aren't overly keen to "talk trash". But for those of us who are curious, there is a world to discover inside our garbage bins. Garbage - and...

The 5 “R’s” of Zero Waste: A Practical Guide

Bea Johnson can be credited with the rise of zero waste as a global movement with the 2013 launch of her book, Zero Waste Home. In 2008, Johnson and her family embarked upon the zero waste lifestyle, forgoing a big house and a hyper-consumerist family life, for a lifestyle grounded in simplicity and sustainability. Since that time, the family of...

Introducing ‘Ohne Gedöns’ – Hamburg’s newest Zero Waste Shop

Hamburg has a new zero waste supermarket and we are thrilled! Say "hello" to Ohne Gedöns, the new kid on the block. The shop, which is located north of Poppenbüttel, serves up a wide offering of unpackaged organic and regional goods, which include food and beverages, household items, body care, fair fashion as well as sustainable design products. There is...

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