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Excursion into the Future

The future called out, so we set off for Nieklitz. The first time that I heard about Nieklitz was in an article in Enorm, "the magazine for social change". Thanks to the "Wir Bauen Zukunft" Project ("We Build the Future" Project), the tiny village of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, some 70km east of Hamburg, found its way into ...

Journey To “Zero Waste”

What is zero waste? Zero waste is both a philosophy and a strategy for living that aims to reduce the human production of garbage to zero. That’s right, zero! Now that is a tall order! Have you ever tried living one day without producing any garbage? In our society it is extremely challenging! Did you know that the average American produces...

“Waste Cooking” Workshop with Anna Bischoff at “Das Müll Projekt”

If you want to learn more about your society, have a look at what gets thrown away. In a "throw-away" society such as the hyper-consumerist West, it seems like the majority of folks aren't overly keen to "talk trash". But for those of us who are curious, there is a world to discover inside our garbage bins. Garbage - and...

Waves of Plastic, Waves of Change

"T-R-A-S-H-E-D", by Nick Pumphrey

Connecting the dots between everyday lifestyle choices and their environmental consequences can often feel abstract for people living in urban and suburban communities with little direct contact with nature. For people living in the midst of the natural world, however, the relationship between unsustainable practices and their impact upon the Earth is palpable. Consider, for example, the impact of rampant...

Conscious Consumerism & Zero Waste: When organic consumerism comes plastic-wrapped.

In 2011, I committed to buying organic groceries and petrochemical-free personal care products. While I assumed that my consumption of organic goods constituted a clear win for environmental conservation, I had overlooked the reality that conventional and organic products alike are often sold in unsustainable plastic packaging. While I attempted to shop sustainably by focusing on organic goods, I continued...

How It All Started

Bulk foods at 12 Monkeys in Hamburg, Germany.

I don’t quite remember how it started, actually. There was one day when the ziplock bags and the cling film standing in the drawer simply became offensive to me. I started to re-use and then re-re-use that one ziplock bag and to cover plates of leftovers with upended dishes in the fridge. It began to become more real when the...

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