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Just Taste – No Waste: Make your next TAKE-AWAY MEAL waste free!

The recently opened Café & Bar Koppheister in Altona is a member of the Tiffin Project, an initiative that makes your take-away meals fresh, healthy and waste free with reusable stainless steel boxes available for you to borrow at any time. How it works: 1. Choose a partner restaurant. 2. Order you meal inside the tiffin box and get you meal packaging...

Wise Cycling: The big impact of low-impact periods

Women have the gift of embodying cyclical wisdom through their monthly periods. In rhythm with the moon, our bodies progress through a twenty-eight day cycle, which can culminate in the creation of new life. If this is not magical and life-affirming, then I don't know what is. I see the female fertility cycle as being a gateway to meaningful connection...

Meet yourself in the middle

Hi zerowasteXchange community. This is my first article in what I hope will become a series. I got to know the creators of zerowasteXchange (Jenna and Dennis) over the Hamburg meetup group on zero waste. It was such a revelation to meet others who genuinely shared with me the same care for the environment. I remember so clearly how...

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