If you want to learn more about your society, have a look at what gets thrown away. In a “throw-away” society such as the hyper-consumerist West, it seems like the majority of folks aren’t overly keen to “talk trash”. But for those of us who are curious, there is a world to discover inside our garbage bins.

Garbage – and how to make less of it – is a central focus for zerowasteXchange. We were therefore super excited to check out Das Müll Projekt – a theoretical design and art exhibition all about trash here in Hamburg, Germany!

Last night we participated in Anja Bischoff‘s “Waste Cooking” Workshop at the Hamburg recycling center. Together with philosopher and amateur “Müllologist” (German for Garbologist, or Trashologist) Harald Lemke, Anja facilitated a group outdoor cook-off where food waste was on the menu.

To my astonishment, all the food we were to cook with had been “rescued” from organic grocery stores and was en route to the dumpster! A local organization called Foodsharing makes “food rescue” its business and co-ordinates with organic supermarkets to collect and distribute an abundance of food that is destined for the garbage can!

The spread that lay before us was abundant indeed! It was shocking to see the amount of food, most of it in excellent shape, that gets tossed. Did you know that approximately 88 million tonnes of food is wasted in the EU each year?

Working in teams, the workshop participants managed to create a selection of tasty dishes that fed a group of approximately 50 people! Our dinner menu consisted of Bruschetta, hummus on artisanal bread, guacamole served in red and yellow peppers, asparagus soup, glass jars of mixed veggies and herbs, a ratatouille-style appetizer and for desert, fruit salad skewers!

Just think, our vibrant feast was diverted from the bin! Talk about food for thought!

“Müll Mahl Food Happening” at Das Müll Projekt!

Das Müll Projekt’s “Waste Cooking” Workshop is scheduled to take place once more on Saturday June 17th at 5:00pm. Das Müll Projekt will be running until Sunday June 18th. Dive into the world of trash, art, design and theory as explored by artists and philosophers. Highly recommended! Free Admission.

If you are keen to get active in “food rescue” here in Germany, check out the following resources:

Happy exploring!
– Jenna



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