The recently opened Café & Bar Koppheister in Altona is a member of the Tiffin Project, an initiative that makes your take-away meals fresh, healthy and waste free with reusable stainless steel boxes available for you to borrow at any time.

How it works:
1. Choose a partner restaurant.
2. Order you meal inside the tiffin box and get you meal packaging free.
3. Take your eco-friendly meal home or have it at work.
4. When you have time, bring the tiffin box back.

I recently checked out Café & Bar Koppheister during my lunch break. They offer a weekly menu available from 12 to 2.30 pm with a small but fine choice of freshly cooked meals: usually a soup, a vegetarian dish and a third option with meat or fish. Make sure you get there in time as the meals are available on a first come first served basis. (I was there around 1.30 pm and the meatball option was already sold out.)

When I ordered my lunch inside the box, I was asked to register as a member of the Tiffin Project, just filling in my name and address and showing my identity card. Registering took as long as filling my lunch in the box. I was handed a shiny stainless steel “Eco Brotbox”, a two layer container with handle and clip seal. Back at the office, I enjoyed a tasty salmon wrap with a cherry tomato salad. On one of the following days, I passed by to return the box and was handed my membership card in return. The maximum return period is seven days.

“koppheister” is local dialect for the German expression “kopfüber” (headfirst) – meaning that Antje and Akatshi jumped headfirst in their new life as café bar owners, seeing their dream come true.

The place is quite close to the river Elbe, only 300m from the Altonaer Balkon near the city hall, between the two S-Bahn stations Altona and Königstrasse.



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