Ohne Gedöns storefront and outdoor patio.

Hamburg has a new zero waste supermarket and we are thrilled! Say “hello” to Ohne Gedöns, the new kid on the block. The shop, which is located north of Poppenbüttel, serves up a wide offering of unpackaged organic and regional goods, which include food and beverages, household items, body care, fair fashion as well as sustainable design products. There is also a cozy seating nook, which is the perfect place to enjoy coffee-to-stay!

Seating area and sustainable design display at Ohne Gedöns

Our Zero Waste Meetup group visited the shop last Saturday for a combined afternoon of zero waste shopping and socializing. We also had the chance to get to know the friendly co-founders, Peymaneh Nottbohm und Maren Schöning, who were happy to answer our questions and to assist us in our zero waste shopping efforts.

Nottbohn and Schöning have done a fantastic job of creating a beautiful shopping evironment “ohne Gedöns” – that is “without the fuss, or hullabaloo” of single-use plastic packaging! (There’s a German vocabulary lesson for you!) We highly recommend that you stop by for your next zero waste shopping excursion! In the mean time, enjoy a small photo tour!

Our personal shopping highlights…

High quality, dark maple syrup available in bulk! This was a welcomed zero waste first for me! (Did I mention that I am Canadian?)

Gorgeous display of bulk vinegars and culinary offerings, including dark maple syrup, at Ohne Gedöns!

An extensive selection of unpackaged chocolate. Always a good idea. 🙂

Fair, organic chocolate anyone?

A wide array of Lov Organic‘s loose leaf teas.

Lov Organics loose leaf tea display.

An ample selection of bulk goods, including legumes, grains, cereals, pasta noodles, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, spices, culinary oils and vinegars, as well as fresh, unpackaged regional fruits and vegetables.

Bulk cereals and nuts at Ohne Gedöns

A great selection of bulk earth-friendly household cleaners, plastic-free hygiene articles and unpackaged natural body care products.

Household cleaners and body care products at Ohne Gedöns

Fair fashion, sustainable household items and gifts from regional designers.

Beeswax wraps, beautiful wooden household items and fair fashion at Ohne Gedöns

Check out the sign in the background, which reads “Regen ist Sonne in Tropfen Form” / “Rain is sunshine in droplet form”, surely the motto of Hamburg, Germany!Finally, here is a snapshot of my zero waste shopping loot. As it turns out, the chocolate that I purchased never quite made it into the photograph. I can tell you that it was super tasty, though!

Bulk oats, deposit bottle of organic milk, basmati rice, chilli powder, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup and eggs in a reused carton.

All the best and happy zero wasting!



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